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Questionable EMF protection gadgets claiming "harmonization" or "normalization" or "good waves" or etc.

There are a number of products out there which claim to harmonize and normalize high frequency electromagnetic radiation (e.g. from 5G, 4G, WiFi) so as to reduce or eliminate its effect -- or somehow change something in the body to make it protect itself better -- or other such claims. I have not found ANY peer-reviewed, credible scientific evidence to accept the "science" they cite. They usually claim effects on "resonance field".

"Feeling" is not enough since we know placebo effect is a reality. That's why real pharmaceutical and biotech companies have to go through rigorous credible scientific trials to objectively demonstrate efficacy and safety.

Here are a few of the many such products in the market, some with very expensive price-tags.  I will update the list when I get time but one such product in Switzerland is sold for a lot of money and the inventor said he's tested them on cows and they make the cows feel good! And people fall for that!

Various labs engage in "testing" such products, and issue certificates or article, but none of them offer any study method and results that are peer-reviewed, therefore, I do NOT consider any of these reports to be scientifically credible: "Dartsch Scientific" in Germany, and "Bion Institute" in Slovenia, LIFE-TESTinstitut Ulrich Arndt, Mundingen in Germany, and so on and so forth.

See this good article by Mr. Josef Spritzendorfer of the "European society for healthy building and indoor hygiene" (auto translated.  Also see "Green Washing":

"To date, however, no manufacturer has provided us with credible scientific proof of the actual functionality - we therefore still assign all these products to so-called "greenwashing" !

Rather, we have repeatedly received "medical certificates" whose exhibitors are "close" to the providers - but most of these products bear the IGEF "quality mark". (German "President"; registered office in Birmingham; certification body Tenerife?), But also numerous other - (often one-man) institutes - mostly based abroad - "guarantee" functionality!"

Psiram site says (auto translated):

The information available does not indicate whether the studies are actually being carried out in a controlled manner, in which investigated influences on cell cultures are compared with apparent influences. Blinding does not seem to be practiced.

Several questionable products in the fields of alternative medicine and electromagnetic protection products are advertised by their manufacturers or suppliers with a label by "Dartsch Scientific" labels, there is. Explicit reference is made to positive study results.'

Life Test Institute engages in all kinds of pseudo-scientific tests according to:

- Swiss Harmony, by Neel and Richard Neubersch

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Like every other product in this class, they claim their product to be scientific. In my last correspondence with them, they said they will do a credible trial, but were not willing to share the trial design. I assume it will not be possible, and if done in a real scientific and academically acceptable fashion, efficacy will not be shown.

Their website has pictures of before-and-after using aura photography and in the "after" picture the client smiling more is determined to be a sign that their product works.  Say cheese!

- EMF Harmony a.k.a. Life Harmony Energies

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

They use Bion Institute's certificate as proof that their products are scientific. Their products include EMF Harmonizer with costs running into hundreds of dollars.


Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

They use Bion Institute's certificate as proof that their products are scientific. The products include a $55 "key ring 5G and EMF protector" to a "home protector" for over $400. Still cheap compared to Vivipro's almost $1000 price tag.

- E-reliefMobil (erelief mobil , ereliefmobil) by Vivipro in Switzerland, run by Christian Oesch of BX Protocol

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

E-reliefmobil is priced at 1295 Swiss Francs ($1300). It's the work of Scientologist Siegfried Kiontke's Global Diagnostics. Kiontke's inspiration was Hartmut Müller's Global Scaling theory (Hartmut Müller was imprisoned for conducting a scam, claiming his theory could predict lottery number!).

They've touring a certificate by "Dartsch Scientific" which certifies a lot of alternative products that don't have credible peer-reviewed scientific backing.  It also cites "Dark Field Microscopy" imaging to supposedly show efficacy, but there are issues in the design of such "trials" , and the use of DFM for such purposes.

I'm having some experts look at the "Dartsch" report. So far it's clear that a study on cell culture doesn't mean efficacy on humans. Some 90% of promising agents fail in later phases of trials.

A real biotech scientific guru who looked at the DFM claims of Vivipro wrote:

“Suspicious, not run by an independent lab. Dark-field microscopy is just a way to visualize the outlines of cells, no mystical powers there. They probably just counted the numbers of rouleaux but no indication of the number of fields counted. By moving around a typical slide you can probably find as many (or as few) rouleaux as you want. To be even minimally believable the fields for viewing would need to be chosen randomly and verified. How do you say junk study?”

He didn't want to "waste" time, to use his words, going through the Dartsch report in detail but wrote:

Seems very fishy to me. My gut reaction is that conclusions drawn from the studies being conducted are likely meaningless and presented only to bolster weak concepts. 

A reseller of e-reliefmobil uses WiFi at home!

If you attend a course which one person said was super easy, online course, you get a bigger commission from the sales.

- Memon Bionic

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Memon is a "Dartsch" client. No thanks. They make a variety of products with a "scientific" claim but their "science" is not science enough for my scientific mind. Most of their products are priced from around 100 to 850 Euros.

- Symbio Harmonizer

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Like the rest offers a variety of gadgets for expensive prices. Some 500 Euro for a little gadget that's supposed to do wonders!

-Günter Gasser (Hoeschst) / Rayguard / Lobsiger)

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Claims harmonization effect using the same problematic studies that are NOT peer-reviewed, and often done in a very small (often one-man) shop, using a VERY small sample size, using cell cultures, using dark field microscopy. Same story that I do NOT believe because I have not seen any peer-reviewed scientific literature.

They sell chips, pendant, etc. was advertised by Dominik Rollé in a talk I went to. They sell Rayguard products ranging from about 135 to 1125 Swiss Francs (same rate as US Dollar).  And a "Firewall" - a small box with a small bottle of a liquid drop for 545 Swiss Francs!!  They also, guess what, cite Dark Field Microscopy images :-)

- Geoclense Harmonizer

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

- Kyrona, Orgone Effects

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

Geocleanse Harmonizer Plug, Stellar Dome, Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer...

Their testing is based on GDV Kirlian Photography. Say cheese!

- Plocher Harmonizer

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT. 525 Swiss Franc price tag ($525). It's advertised to be against 5G! I don't believe it!

- EMF*Blues

Same story... I DON'T BELIEVE IT. $1095 for a pyramid made in Russia which is supposed to protect you against EMF pollution!

- Stones, crystals, orgonite, Shungite,pendants, other woo woo gadgets

I tested some of these, including some with very high price tags purchased by friends. They make no difference to the level of EMF pollution, as measured by a real scientific device. As for other claims, they could not be objectively verified. So in my opinion, they're a waste of money.

CONCLUSION: I DON'T BELIEVE THESE PRODUCTS and will NEVER spend money on such products.

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