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Prince Andrew's Alleged Abuse of Convicted Criminal, Jeffery Epstein's Underage Sex Slave

17 November 2019, by Reza Ganjavi

My notes from watching this hilarious interview in which Prince Andrew ("Andrew Albert Christian Edward" Duke of York, son of his mommy, the Queen) basically convicts himself by apparently lying through his teeth, about his association with the convicted criminal / sex-offender Jeffery Epstein, and having sex with his underage sex worker.

"He never said nothing about it" -- A Prince of Britain who can't speak proper English! Jeez Luiz..

LMAO. Listen to Andrew say "Didn't happen" -- he almost can't pronounce "happen" properly because his voice is shaking like one who would be lying. Reporter spells out the details that she dined and danced with him and he bought her drinks and had sex with him - and cites the name of the night club and the house where they had sex... Prince says he knows nothing about it and that "it didn't happen". To discard the story his excuse is that he doesn't know where the bar is and "I don't think I've ever bought a drink whenever I was there" -- wait -- "I don't think" is not that strong. Sounds like he did buy drinks but since he says he doesn't drink it must have been for other people.

He admits to being at that club. Reporter asks: Do you recall ever dancing at that club. His response is not a stern NO. His response was "that couldn't have happened because the date that's suggested, I was home with the children". So he's NOT denying he danced at that club. And he is not denying he bought drinks for others. Yet he denies meeting the woman who claims things that are at least partly corroborated by Prince's own statements' implications (he was at the club, he bought drinks for others, and he does not deny dancing at that club).

He remembers March 10 being at home with kids. "Was it a memorable day". Yes, because the prince went to pizza express in Woking :-) so memorable ! LoL. This would make a good comedy movie.

Catch this: "I have no recollection of being in the company or presence" --- of ... OF.... ? He doesn't finish the sentence of state the subject's name -- typical of a lie which is weak.=

Andrew said Epstein's house "was like a railway station - people were coming in and out of this house all the time" and the guy is a convicted criminal -- and yet the Prince of Britain stays with him because it's convenient. Convenient location? Or convenient women? Doesn't add up.

"It was a convenient place to stay" oh poor prince couldn't afford to rent a hotel or house that was more convenient than the residence of a convicted sex offender!! The story line reeks. He must not be so bright in fabricating these lies. So he went there to tell Epstein that they no longer can be friends. Really? He says calling or writing would not be a good way (no young girls to touch on the phone?). And he just kept staying because it was convenient, and partied there for 4 days, dinner party, etc. etc . -- and he went there to break up a friendship! Sure!

Oh, now he's saying the convenience of staying at his house was so that he could "get a hold of the man, because he was all over the place". So the Prince of Britain had trouble getting a hold of a convicted criminal sex offender -- after flying across the ocean to see him -- and to get the sex offender to meet the Prince, the Prince had to stay at the criminal's house, so that he can get a hold of the sex offender to talk to him. NONSENSE!

"Look at his eyes when asked about John Brockman saying he saw Andrew getting a foot massage from a young Russian woman. He said "no"... LoL.

"So John Brockman (witness)'s statement is false?" Prince did not say yes it's absolutely false (which he would have if his denial wasn't a lie). His response: "I don't know Mr. Brothman so I don't know what he's talking about" :-)

"Your arm as around her waist" "yes" -- he admits it. "how do you explain the photograph?" "I can't" :-) "I have no memory of that photograph ever being taken".

"From the investigations we've done you can't prove the photograph is fake because it's a photo of a photo of a photo so it's very difficult to prove it [to be fake]" ! -- so he says his investigations show that it can't be proven to be fake LoL.... :-) Your investigation just helped the case against you! Duh!

"That's me - but whether that's my hand or that's the position, I have simply no recollection of the photo ever being taken". LoL :)

"not that I have no recollection of ever being in that position" :)

The photo was taken by Epstein. That can't be! "I've never seen E with camera in my life" "it was Virgina Roberts' camera" :-)

His reason for supposedly wanting to break the friendship (sounds like an excuse to justify his trip to NY to stay and party with Epstein -- is that "it would be inappropriate for me to be seen with you". So Prince's worry is about image and not wanting to be seen with Epstein -- and NOT not wanting to be friends because of Epstein's character and criminal conviction! CLASSY, ROYAL!!

Prince Andrew does not come across as a very intelligent person. Lying is wrong but if you're going to lie, don't think your audience is dumb.

This is the alleged victim (Virginia Roberts Giuffre), then Epstein's underage sex slave:

Check out the statement defending the Duke of York by his mommy and daddy. Buckingham Palace emphatically denies blah blah. Truth is bitter Mrs. Queen. I just don't like it that people's rights are violated and someone gets away with it because he's the son of the Queen! That's a high form of moral corruption. Andrew (Prince, Duke of York blah blah)'s interview was a dead-giveaway.


A friend of the Prince claims the picture is photoshopped. In all his wisdom, in his own defense, the Prince did NOT say the photo is fake!  His friend said his fingers are chubby and not so red. But look at his other hand --  it's the same color. And look at his fingers from another picture:  same fingers as are on the girl's hips. This should be easy for an expert to certify. 


They don't look very happy... One allegedly killed Diana, one allegedly used a child sex slave. Very classy for British Royals. Funny how Britain has been poking sticks around the world, manipulating so many places to its own benefit, and screwing up people in the process -- sad history -- and now it's own Parliament turned into a toilette recently around Brexit and his highest level Prince is a figure in an ongoing criminal investigation. Karma?

I have a lot of good British friends and family -- this is not about the great people of Britain but about a certain double-faced cunning part of the culture I can't stand and its history of manipulating many nations and peoples for its own profit, and I can't stand some of the Royal Family members who've got it made -- except, they don't look happy.

Hey, what happened to Princess Diana Mr. Charles Philip Arthur George? Did you kill her? She was afraid you would and wrote that not long before she was killed.


August 21, 2019

Based on the evidence, Andrew was deeply associated with the convicted criminal. Jeff Epstein, and her victims. I'm sure the Queen and her cronies don't like it. Of course they'd deny it. "Categorically" means we're above the rest of you minions and whatever we do we can get away with.

I really hope this case is objectively investigated and if Andrew is guilty that justice is served -- best justice would be for its shame to help bring down the corruption from its high horse (think Princess Diana, and how she predicted that Andrew's brother, Prince Charles, would kill her. Look at what happened).


Quotes from the Press on 17 Nov 2019

"How Prince Andrew Was Urged to Do Disastrous BBC Interview by Top Aide. Andrew’s PR guru resigned in protest at Andrew’s decision to do his BBC interview—and now he and the royals count the cost of it. Will it finally bring the law to his door?"

"Prince Andrew’s BBC interview likened to ‘a plane crashing into an oil tanker’"

Royal Central website editor Charlie Proctor, was not impressed: “I expected a train wreck. That was a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion level bad”

"Prince Andrew sparks near-universal condemnation with TV interview"

"The Guardian view on Prince Andrew: entitled, obtuse and shamefully silent over Epstein’s victims"

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"Prince Andrew’s pathetic excuses make me spit" Tim Stanley The Telegraph


I hope his karma catches up with him -- not just for abusing young sex slaves but for all the shooting for fun he did of the poor animals he killed.

Reza  Ganjavi

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