NOTE:  I am not a certified therapist or credentialed counselor. I am just a human who has had a deep interest in deep questions of living, and I provide my knowledge and insights on the following topics with anyone who's interested. Among my degrees is Philosophy and I've studied many philosophy, psychology and religious texts of the East and the West. My aim is to help my fellow human beings, in a world where depression and psychological chaos and unhappiness are pandemics.  My ideas does NOT replace expert advice.

I can share my knowledge and ideas with you in the following areas:

  • life, happiness, love, relationship, inner peace
  • vegetarian diet, nutrition
  • quitting smoking, alcohol and drug dependence
  • how to minimize your exposure to toxic radiation from wireless equipment, etc.
  • cyber law, protecting your rights on the internet and in real world, what to do if you're a victim of bullying, stalking, etc.
  • jobs, careers, interview preparation, help with resume
  • writing projects
  • Music production
  • etc.

Reza Ganjavi has helped many people over the years to live better and happier lives.  Some people who were very disturbed, confused, unhappy, and even suicidal, have found happy lives after meetings and explorations with Reza Ganjavi. Several people who were smokers have quit smoking as result of guidance and insights they received from Reza Ganjavi. Others have benefited from his advice in a variety of areas, from finding jobs, to dealing with cyber bullies, to getting off alcohol, etc. etc.


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