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Reza Ganjavi is not a certified attorney. He studied law among other things but doesn't have a degree in law. His degrees are in Philosophy, Computer Science, and Business Administration (MBA). His father had a stellar career in law that included positions such as Supreme Court Justice, Judge of Judges. His grandfather was an attorney. And most of his father's friends were judges and lawyers.

The areas of law which Reza Ganjavi has studied include internet/cyberlaw, eDiscovery, intellectual properties, securities, corporate, penal, torts.

Reza's study of law wasn't limited to academic coursework. He studied it extensively out of personal interest, and to learn to stand up for his own rights, in the cases that follow. Additionally he's helped a number of friends by providing non-professional advice around legal topics. 

Reza Ganjavi is a very non-litigious person. He goes out of his way to avoid litigation and find peaceful solutions to conflicts that might arrive in the course of life.

The articles below were written at different points in time, regarding various cases where Reza Ganjavi either litigated and/or negotiated legal settlements for.  

  • Cases against the wicked wireless industry which systemically lies to people about matters of public health -- and its government / regulator shills who are supposed to protect people against industry abuses but they're in bed with the industry instead; and other morally corrupt entities like ICNIRP. [CLICK FOR]
  • Won Case Against Apple Computer -- Click here to read the story of how Reza Ganjavi had to sue Apple Computer to get it to keep its promise! And it did, but only after getting sued! [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Won Case Against Scammer Car Rental Agency (he settled before I file) -- Reza Ganjavi vs. Priceless Car Rental  -- California Superior Court. [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Forcing Coda Media to correct its disinformation, lies, Fake News article! [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Calling out ICNIRP's shameless pro-industry "guidelines" [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Retracting donation to Mark Steele; and related correspondence [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Another case of Founder's Syndrom: Dennis Carlo [CLICK FOR DETAILS]
  • Reza Ganjavi vs. TODD TIPTON, JEREMY C. SMITH, DELOITTE CONSULTING LLC, DELOITTE & TOUCHE USA LLP,  CINDY SMITH, WILLIAM JENNINGS, DOUGLAS CARLSON, et al. -- in US Federal Courts -- Reza Ganjavi was a victim of cyber stalking, copyright violation, and numerous other unlawful acts. Result: All defendants settled, Reza Ganjavi got what he wanted including stipulated injunctions. Several defendants issued public apologies.
  • Reza Ganjavi vs. Mark Halibron -- in US Federal Court -- Reza Ganjavi was a victim of cyber stalking and numerous other unlawful acts. Defendant Mark Halibron settled, paid a penalty, signed a stipulated injunction, issued a public apology.
  • Reza Ganjavi vs. native-Swiss Defendant in Switzerland who carried a violent, racially motivated attack on Reza Ganjavi. Result: A biased young prosecutor helped the native-Swiss defendant get off the hook -- in the process, the prosecutor lied multiple times on legal documents, falsified facts, fabricated lies, all to help the native-Swiss attacker -- and ignored clear evidence against the attacker. She made a totally embarrassing mockery of justice, as they do in corrupt dictatorships. Reza Ganjavi filed a complaint against the prosecutor but the court also manipulated the facts by twisting the timeline, and again made a mockery of justice, to protect their native-Swiss colleague. Moral corruption to the max which is not surprising, given I have heard numerous horror stories about people of foreign origin in Switzerland about racism, bias, prejudice, in the Swiss justice system. Conclusion is that the Swiss legal system is very corrupt -- like in corrupt dictatorships -- bias is the norm -- but there are exceptions of some non-biased people.
  • Reza Ganjavi vs. Ex-Child-Slave xenophobe racist attacker in Switzerland who attacked Reza Ganjavi out of racism -- and what ensued was very revealing: From police to prosecutor to court, they were all just as biased and tried everything to protect the native-Swiss despite evidence that showed he was indeed guilty. This included the police not wanting to even take the case (vs. imagine if a non-native-Swiss had attached a native-Swiss -- they'd put the non-native-Swiss in jail) -- and the prosecutor lied, ignored key evidence, all in favor of the native-Swiss.
  • Reza Ganjavi vs. a new landlord and her property manager in Switzerland. Oh My God -- talk about small-mindedness. Story to follow. Result: Reza Ganjavi got what he wanted (moving of the WiFi router and disabling of unlawful camera).
  • Case against major hotel resort -- Reza Ganjavi was a victim of racist remarks at a major resort -- the company settled the case and issued an apology to Reza Ganjavi.
  • Case against major concert merchandising company -- Reza Ganjavi was falsely attacked after a concert by mistaking him with a T-shirt seller (since he had bought several T-shirts for himself). The merchandising company issued an apology and settled the case.
  • Justice finally caught up with Martin Shkreli. My correspondence with/about him.
  • Exposing major grocery store's overcharging practice.

Helping many friends with legal related topics, and they achieved excellent results.


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