Reza Ganjavi is not a certified attorney. He studied law among other things but doesn't have a degree in law. His degrees are in Philosophy, Computer Science, and Business Administration (MBA). His father had a stellar career in law that included positions such as Supreme Court Justice, Judge of Judges. His grandfather was an attorney. And most of his father's friends were judges and lawyers.

The areas of law which Reza Ganjavi has studied include internet/cyberlaw, eDiscovery, intellectual properties, securities, corporate, penal, torts.

Reza's study of law wasn't limited to academic coursework. He studied it extensively out of personal interest, and to learn to stand up for his own rights, in the cases that follow. Additionally he's helped a number of friends by providing non-professional advice around legal topics. 

Reza Ganjavi is a very non-litigious person. He goes out of his way to avoid litigation and find peaceful solutions to conflicts that might arrive in the course of life.

The articles below were written at different points in time, regarding various cases where Reza Ganjavi either litigated and/or negotiated legal settlements for.  

Helping many friends with legal related topics, and they achieved excellent results.


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