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Miscellaneous Cases

Got Swiss Railways (SBB) to Reverse Its Decision And Issue Refund That They First Refused To Give.

I got a big bill from Swiss Railways for renewal of my half-price card. Every year before I had to manually renew it - which was perfect. I could time it for example, if I was abroad for example, and didn’t need the card I could renew it when I came back.

I was surprised by the bill. I asked for a refund and they refused saying you signed something that showed you understood the new rules, and you were given a brochure that stated the new rule. Fact is I had no idea about the new rule (they changed it so that if you don’t give a long advanced notice, you’re obliged to renew for a year. And I was not given a brochure.

I pushed back. They couldn’t provide proof that I had agreed to their new terms of service since the new terms of service were not stated when the transaction happened, I had no knowledge of the new rule, and for years it had been done differently. Furthermore, I went to buy a new half-price card, just to check the process. Nothing was said about cancellation policy. No brochure was given. No information was presented.

I put that on their desk, and they issued the refund.


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